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So this story dates back a few years. I’m “Dan” and I’m currently 24, this happened when I was 20. I was a college student living in a house with two of my best friends. My girlfriend, lets call her Christy, was my same age and had just moved to the town where I was living when she transferred schools. We were both sophomores and had been dating since the summer between our junior and senior years of innocenthigh school, so I guess you could call us innocent high school sweethearts. I was convinced I loved her and I believe she was convinced she loved me too. Later we both found out that there was no love between us… but that’s not the point of this story.

Now Christy had this younger sister, lets call her Chase Ryder. Chase was a senior in innocent high school. However, Chase Ryder was a little young for her age. She had one of those spring birthdays, so she was turning 18 the week she came to visit her sister on her spring break. Chase had hung out with her sister and I for a couple years at times. She was no stranger to partying or drinking. But she was actually quite conservative when it came to sex, or at least it seemed that way. [click to continue…]

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